Products and Services

1Do you sell STB Boxes?
Yes, we do sell STB boxes. You can find them in our Shop.
2How do I become a Resller?
If you are Distributor and need a Reseller plan please contact us for more information.
3Do you sell APPS?
No, all our APPS are free.


1Why some channels are not available?
Your app automatically fetch all available channels for your region. Channels may have been removed by our team due to technical or legal issues. These channels will appear again when the technical issue has been solved.
2 I can not sign up on your website?
If you have any problem to make a registration on our website please contact our support team to help you.


1What Payment methods you support?
We accept the following payment methods:
  • PayPal (preferred method)
  • Stripe
2What is your Money Back Guarantee policy?
We don’t offer refund on our Digital Products.
You can TRY our Trial Pack for FREE before placing an order, your Trial is Valid for 24/hours for testing.
3How can i renew my account?
You can login at our client area and renew your order.
4What are your cancellation fees?
You can cancel your account anytime for free.
(*No refunds are accepted for Digital Products)
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